About the Clinic​

At Miller Dental, the Private Dental Clinic of Dr. Eitan Miller, children and adults are treated in all fields of dentistry, placing the emphasis on excellence in administering the treatments, the use of the most advanced technologies and materials and with a courteous approach to serving the patients.


Dr. Eitan Miller, DMD, is a  Dental Surgeon,that has  Specialization in the administration of  Dental health systems , MPA, from Clark University, USA.

He holds an Artist license in dental technology from Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem and the Ministry of Health in ISRAEL .

Dr Eitan Miller is also licsenced to practice Dentistry in UK / and the European Union .


Dr. Eitan Miller has the training and expertise which enables the Clinic to solve a diverse range of complex treatment problems, including complicated mouth rehabilitation procedures and aesthetic improvements in the structure and shape of teeth.


The treatments are given by the use of special computerized and imaging technologies of the most advanced kind worldwide. Because of Dr. Miller's training in the sphere of health systems administration, the Clinic operates in optimum format, which facilitates the performance of a convenient and efficient set of treatments and services for the convenience of the patients.  


The Standard of Equipment and Materials:

  • Equipment manufactured in accordance with the most advanced technology
  • Use of the best materials in existence worldwide
  • Computerized imaging and illustration methods
  • Computerized digital x-ray
  • Advanced instrumentation for root treatments to a high level of precision
  • Advanced instrumentation for complete sterilization

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